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Grab a Camera

Sometimes if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

Sometimes you have to grab the camera before you take care of the situation.

That happened the other night.  Gpa got up and was wandering around.  He has begun playing with the lights.  And sometimes he’ll have all the lights off and try to get where he’s going.

Not a good idea.

I was on the sofa and it woke me up when he turned off all the lights.  My first thought was great, I sleep better when it’s dark.  Then I heard him moving around.  Before I could get up, I heard him go down.

The little dog thinks he’s helping if he barks.  Even when I tell him to stop, he’ll keep barking, sounding the alarm.

Gpa in a laundry basket

Gpa in a laundry basket

Gpa had fallen into his laundry basket.

Of course I had to take a picture. (after making sure he was ok)