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Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is not just for lovers.  A dear friend asked me last year what it was like to experience love at first sight.  He was talking about when I first beheld my children.  He didn’t have children and said he would never experience love at first sight.

I thought he was wrong but I couldn’t figure out why.  Until now.  He did when he was born and saw his parents for the first time.

But that isn’t the only time you can experience love at first sight.  There are some people in life that you have an instant connection with.  I’m not sure why we don’t connect with everyone but we don’t.

Yesterday, for valentine’s day, I joined a few other gardeners and helped a senior living facility put in raised beds.  One of the ladies, from Columbia, couldn’t speak much English but she made it clear that she wanted us to join her for lunch.

When we got in line, the lady in front of me turned around and lit up with a smile and said ‘hello!’  The excitement caused me to respond in kind.  The gardener behind me asked if we knew each other.  Not that I am aware of but I replied, “we do now!”

What a lovely way to spend a day devoted to love.  I do hope we get invited back, I’d love to see both my new friend and the lady from Columbia.

Love at first sight is pretty awesome. I’m going to try it on like an attitude rather than an elusive once in a life time event.  And see how many people I can share this experience with in 2015.