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Lenten Love

Lent is a little more than half way done. I have chosen to love everyone. I plan to continue this exercise past Easter.

I will continue because I haven’t done a very good job of loving everyone. I still rant at other drivers. Really do you have to cut all the way across the highway, or merge in with inches between you and the other car.

Not surprised there are so many accidents on the highway. I am choosing not to drive on them  as much.  But city streets aren’t much better.

I find my self, ranting, then stopping and blessing the jerk.  Taking that moment to change my focus has been a good thing for me.

I can let the frustration go faster.  I don’t get to the point where I fall to the temptation to retaliate in my driving.  Letting myself get to that point isn’t good for anyone and could get me in an accident.

And when I bless the jerk and let the frustration go, I feel better about myself.  I get to my destination with a better journey than if I didn’t have the reminder to love even drivers.

Yesterday, it was a good thing my daughter in law was in the car.  She listened to me rant for a bit and then reminded me to love them.  I took a deep breath.  Smiled and agreed with her.

When I love the jerks out there, I can love the jerk I am.