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A Sparkle for a Couple of Pretty Ladies

Carl comes to the garden with his daughter.  They are in a similar situation that Gpa and I were in.  She was worried when I gave her some of Gpa’s clothes, that it would hurt to see Carl in them.

“Oh, no! Quite the contrary.  It will do me good to see someone else making use of his things.”

He has recently broken his hip and they had to buy a wheel chair.  If we hadn’t been renting ours, I would have given them that as well.

Yesterday, I ran up to the garden to have lunch.  Boy, do I love working from home!

We were wrapping up when Carl and his daughter came in.  He sat across from me and I waited until he looked up.

When he did, I gave him a big smile.  He does remind me of Gpa, and then again he doesn’t.  He is his own person and a delight to be around.  He saw my smile and shyly smiled back and ducked his head.  Then he looked at Becky and she gave him a big smile, too.  And boy did his eyes twinkle!

His daughter told him Becky had asked him a question.  We both told her that he responded.

The best things in life can be had when we stop and be with each other.  As far as I’m concerned, a sparkle from the eye is better than many diamonds.