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A Couple of Cookies, A Couple of Outcomes

We spent most of today out and about.  For the most part it was great.

Had lunch with a friend and then ran some errands.

While we waited for a friend, we stopped at McDonalds.  I took Gpa to the bathroom and then got him a cookie and a coffee.  Before the friend showed up, Gpa told me his butt hurt.  So I asked if he wanted to sit in the car.  My butt was hurting too.

When I turned from getting him into the car, there was a lady at the door of McDonalds who asked something.  I said “what?”

She repeated, “Are you always this mean to him?”

Who knows what she was referring to.  I assumed it was my yelling to get him into the car.  “He can’t hear.” I replied and put the walker in the trunk.

I saw her shaking her head.  So I know she didn’t believe me.

I got in the car and locked the door.

Gpa started telling me “Oh goodie, I love going for a ride.”

So, Lady who has no clue what she saw, My Gpa is very happy with the way I treat him.  However, I can promise that I’ll NEVER buy you a cookie and coffee at McDonalds, EVER.

The other cookie was at my friend’s house.  She got everyone a glass of water and then we got busy visiting.  Gpa went to her end table and started to look into the bags sitting there.

One had a bikini and my friend showed it to Gpa and asked if he wanted it.  “No, no, no.’  I told her he was probably looking for a cookie. She laughed until she saw a cookie in the other bag.

She was very impressed with how well he was able to scout out his favorite food item.

He is good that way.