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Where is That Memory?

I understand that the routine becomes so part of us that we may not remember if we have turned off the headlights when we get to work.  To overcome that, I will say, “Today is Tuesday, and my lights are off.”  Then when I pause at work and think, “Did I turn off the lights?” I will remember saying so.

My current dilemma is over the padlock keys to the gates on my fence.  I have taken them off my key chain.  I think I did it when I was going to California.  I can almost remember thinking.  I don’t need to carry these around.  I’ll put them here.  But where did I put them???

I didn’t put them in the most logical place, the key hook.  I know because I’ve looked.  I also know that somewhere in my brain is the rest of the memory.  And I don’t know where that is either.  For if I did, I’d have accessed it by now and found the keys.

Memory is such a funny thing. And we think we have better control over it than we do.