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Where Are You Mr. President?

In the light of recent events in Ferguson, MO, I am wondering why the president is not going himself to see the state of affairs.

The biggest problem I see in what has happened is that police officers in many parts of the country have gone from being enforcers of the peace to judge, jury and executioner all during one event.

And at the same time, civilians think they have rights.  They haven’t been made aware that  a shift has happened.  They have been found guilty and dangerous.  Any non-compliance with an officer of the law, could result in swift and permanent results including death.

Of course there will be a clash.  You can’t have one group of people thinking another group of people have no rights and those people think they have certain unalienable rights.

Mr. President, your silence is sending a message loud and clear that American citizens do not have the rights they thought they have.  And if that is not the message you want to send, then let us know.

You are our leader.  Why aren’t you leading? I’m not talking about more military action.  I’m talking about hearing the pain, fear and frustration on both sides and figuring out a way to dismantle the powder keg in a way that heals, brings peace and understanding.

Many of us civilians would love to live in a country where the citizens can live peacefully in the melting pot that made this country great. But we aren’t.

What are your goals for America?