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Listen to the Mockingbird

Mockingbirds are known to repeat what they hear.

I had a friend share that one would wake her up in the morning crowing like a rooster.  Drove her nuts.

I tend to copy them. They sing and I whistle back.  I do that with cardinals as well.

But yesterday, I took my violin to the garden and played in the pavilion after church. I noticed a mockingbird, came and listened.  The bird did not sing at all, just cocked it’s head.  I played a variety of songs.  I will pay attention in the future to what the mockingbirds sing in the garden.

Makes me want to be mindful of what I play, is it worth repeating?


A Promise to Keep

The home health care nurse told me that Gpa was wanting to know that I would be OK if he leaves, that I would keep doing the music, painting and juggling.  When I did tell him, it felt like a promise.  Oh, Oh.

I had mixed feelings about telling Gpa something of the sort.  It meant he’d be closer to leaving, I am still not sure about him not being here.  But I don’t have a choice in it.  Death is as irrevocable as cremation.  Since he has done both, it’s twice as much a done deal.

It is important to me to keep the promise for by keeping it, I’ll be honoring him and the love we shared.  The bond between a grandchild and grandparent can be very strong.  And in our case, very special.
 So Wednesday I did something that felt very crazy but very right.  I had found a seminar on the steps after making a record.  Since the band is recording our first three songs on Monday, I thought it would be fitting.
It was in Houston. That’s OK, I have a friend I haven’t seen in a while, I could stay with her.  But she didn’t get back with me and I had already paid for it.  So I got up early, real early and drove down.  When it was over, I drove home.  That was the crazy part.
The workshop was awesome.  I learned so much, took lots of notes and met a lot of great people.  And the workshop has given me a lot of action items.  Lots of ways to keep my promise.  And something to keep me busy until I see Gpa again.

Music Language

When I was younger, my mother bought a piano and my sister and I had lessons.  She told us that we would be glad later that we had the training.  She said this when we complained about having to practice our lessons.  She is right.  I am glad I know how to read music and play the piano.

When the kids were little, I learned to play the guitar.  I play mostly by chords or if there is tab notation.  I know that I could learn the individual notes but I haven’t taken the time.  I wanted to get to playing.

Last year I got a Ukulele and I learned it like I did the Guitar.  I have learned some picking patterns and tried out a claw hammer style strum.

Now I have a violin.  It is quickly becoming my favorite instrument.  (Don’t tell the others)

I have discovered something very interesting.  Since I am learning to play by reading the notes, I am having to map where the note is on the piano before I can get the right finger to the right string.

It feels like piano is my first language and I’m learning violin as my second language.