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On Saying Goodbye

2014 was a hard year.  Celebrated the 20th year of my mother and grandmother passing.  They died within months of each other, one with kidney failure and one with cancer.

Hard to wrap my head around that 20 years have gone by.  And on January 15th, we’ll be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Gpa’s passing.

Already?  How can that be?

In 2033 we’ll celebrate 20 years. I’ll be 70.

And I’ll still be saying, “Already? How can that be?”

I have spent the last year feeling very left behind. Bereft. Barren, Alone. Lost. Drowning.

And then someone reminded me that we are eternal. I not only believe that, I know that to be true.

That gives me hope, peace, joy, purpose. I have loved ones still here that are feeling the same as I.  We can comfort each other, remember those who have gone on before us and honor them by living a life worth sharing.


Happy New Year

Last night millions of people celebrated the start of a new year.  Parties, toasts, music, fireworks and spending time with friends and family are just a taste of what people did.

Great stuff.

But I woke up this morning, thinking what would happen if we celebrated each day with the same amount of excitement and enthusiasm.

Gpa does.  He is always so happy to see me in the morning.  Impatient to get up, he’ll swing his legs over the bed before I’ve finished lowering the bed.

I’m going to use this example and be mindful that each day can be as exciting as last night.

I hope 2013 brings all the things you hope for.

This year I’ll be 50 and Gpa will be 102.  Yep,  I’m thinking we’ll be partying all year this year.