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Nuclear Threat and the Community Garden

For as long as I can remember, we’ve been worried about nuclear threat from ‘them’.  Then the cold war ended and that was supposed to be that.  But it isn’t really.  I caught a headline the other day. Something about a nuclear threat and someone being happy about it.

I thought it was strange to have the word happy in the same sentence as nuclear threat.  Then I thought, “Well, if you are going to set off your bombs go ahead. But be sure to blow the whole Earth up. Do do a half-assed job.”

Stupid people.  Don’t you know that your side of the world is ATTACHED to our side of the world?  Even if you don’t blow the whole world up, the wind and the currents of the oceans will bring fall out to your side.

And then I went to the community garden and forgot all about the threat.  There is new life all over the place, plants, animals, birds. And I pray the things I do to better the garden will be carried by the wind and the currents of the oceans to your side of the world and give you a better day than you are having.