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An Old Man at Any Age

Gpa and I have a particular conversation.  It doesn’t happen every day and I use it to check in with what he is thinking.

When I ask him, “How are you?”

He’ll reply, “Old.”

“How old?”

Then the answer varies.  Quite often, he’ll say 97, which is the age he was when he was diagnosed with dementia.  I think he’s tired when he  tells me he’s 500 or a million.  Once he told me he was 45.  Nice, he’s younger than I am.

Last week he told me he was 700.  Then he self corrected and said, “that is a lie.”  He corrected himself and told me he was 7.  I told him that he should be going to school and asked if he wanted me to enroll him.  He nodded.

Then I asked if he wanted school supplies like pens and pencils.  “No, that’s cheating.”  hmm

The next day he said he was old then said he was 37.  Um that is not old!   Well maybe to a 7-year-old.

I wonder if he’d telling me he’s in memories of that age.