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Choice Debate with Kevin O’Leary and Rachel Parent

On the surface the debate is about GMO labeling, or is it scientific testing?

It is really about peoples right to choose.

Ms. Parent is asking that food that is GMO be labeled.  Why is this a hard concept?  We have ingredients on our food.  Though for some reason some food manufacturers don’t want us to know that MSG is in the food.

I have watched my sister determine MSG as one of the sources of her migraine headaches.  These migraine headaches keep her from work and will effect her for many days.  Some food won’t list MSG out right, the label will be more obscure, even splitting the ingredients into the parts that make the MSG.

I wonder if they’d be allowed to hide when peanuts are in food.  Oh wait, this would kill people, better not do that.

Co-host Lang pointed out that if she chose to not eat GMO food, she would have to cut most corn and corn products out of her diet. Yes, and vegetarians don’t eat meat.  Alcoholics abstain from beer, liquor and wine.

Why is the thought of not eating corn so bad?  We don’t sensor others for their food choices.

Mr. O’Leary never acknowledged the right for people to know what they are consuming.  Stating that if we choose not to eat GMO foods, it would make poor Asian children go blind and die.


Yet, I am encouraged to look for the ‘Made in America’ label on my clothes.

Maybe it is Mr. O’Leary that has a vested interest in the rest of us to fill out pantries with this type of food.