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A Promise to Keep

The home health care nurse told me that Gpa was wanting to know that I would be OK if he leaves, that I would keep doing the music, painting and juggling.  When I did tell him, it felt like a promise.  Oh, Oh.

I had mixed feelings about telling Gpa something of the sort.  It meant he’d be closer to leaving, I am still not sure about him not being here.  But I don’t have a choice in it.  Death is as irrevocable as cremation.  Since he has done both, it’s twice as much a done deal.

It is important to me to keep the promise for by keeping it, I’ll be honoring him and the love we shared.  The bond between a grandchild and grandparent can be very strong.  And in our case, very special.
 So Wednesday I did something that felt very crazy but very right.  I had found a seminar on the steps after making a record.  Since the band is recording our first three songs on Monday, I thought it would be fitting.
It was in Houston. That’s OK, I have a friend I haven’t seen in a while, I could stay with her.  But she didn’t get back with me and I had already paid for it.  So I got up early, real early and drove down.  When it was over, I drove home.  That was the crazy part.
The workshop was awesome.  I learned so much, took lots of notes and met a lot of great people.  And the workshop has given me a lot of action items.  Lots of ways to keep my promise.  And something to keep me busy until I see Gpa again.