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Gpa’s Pickles

Gpa has a recipe, School Girl Choker pickle, it is my absolute favorite pickle.  The recipe starts with ‘float an egg’.  Who would have thought you’d need an egg for a pickle recipe?

I made a batch a couple of years ago and I am almost out.  I’ve been rationing them.

This year, I’m growing the cucumbers that will become these all favorite morsels.

Today, I have enough cucumbers to start the process.  I even had one that hid and it grew to twice the size.  So I cut some to test what the process does to them.  The rest I used to make refrigerator pickles, which will help tide me over.

School Girl Choker pickles take at least 3 weeks to complete.

So back to the first step.  Float an egg.  I measured as I went and made note so it will be easier next time. I asked Gpa if I needed to let the rock salt disolve before putting the egg in.  He nodded.  Then I asked, “Or can I put the egg in now?”  He nodded again.

I don’t think I floated the egg as well as I did today.  How fun it was like a magic trick.  Only 20 more days……

foating egg

foating egg