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Like Someone Special

The royal baby is getting a lot of attention as it should be.  Newborn babies are exciting.

All newborn babies are exciting.

Though, not all are treated as someone special.  We forget that all people are important.  If we can’t quickly find value in who you are, we dismiss you or worse throw you away.

We say you can’t take it with you.  You can’t take stuff when you die.  You can take your relationships.

The love and care you have for another, doesn’t die.  It continues on.

I know mom, dad, grandmas and grandpas are all gone.  But the love isn’t. That remains.

And since they are not here to receive that love, I’ll find someone else to give it to.  There’s a lot of special people who don’t know they are.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we remembered that we are all royalty, well loved and cared for?  When I remember this,  I am a better person and I have better relationships.