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My Lumpy Bumpy Boob

Wednesday I went to have a breast exam and mammogram.  It has been over 5 years.  Where has the time gone?  Partially I don’t like having mammograms and partially I was busy taking care of Gpa.

And partially because I don’t know what I’m doing.  The first time I did a self exam I was about 13 years old. There were all sorts of lumps! That freaked me out.  Nope didn’t tell anyone.  Just wasn’t going to do that again.

But I did. Periodically over the years, I’d be reminded and I’d do a self exam.  Now that I knew I had lumps and bumps it wasn’t so freaky.

Over the years, I’ve met women who have had breast cancer, or a relative of there’s had it.  Lots of different experiences. And spreading to lymph nodes and beyond.

So I learned Wednesday to start the exam under the arm.  Makes sense, I know there are lymph nodes there.  But I didn’t know there are some around the clavicle!

Another tip is to pick a day of the month that is easy to remember and do it then.  Like a birthday.  The woman who was doing the exam’s birthday is on the 27th.  I think that is when I’ll do mine each month.  That way I can remember her and how well she taught me.

She showed me on a model what normal and not normal lumps were.  Then during the exam, she had me feel my lumps which are of the normal kind.

I am really glad I went!

Be sure to take care you, too!

Slightly Irritated

I am so thankful that the ladies sent all the food from the celebration home with me.  I haven’t felt like menu planning or cooking. I haven’t paid attention to the time and stop when I realize I am hungry.  By then it’s really to late to do much.

And because I have a fridge full of food.  All I have to do is dish some food on a plate and maybe cook it.  A couple of days, the potato salad was breakfast, because that is what looked good at the time.

The house is quieter and I figured out partly because I don’t have 1-2 loads of laundry to do each day.

I’m irritated because there are still dishes in the sink to wash and my laundry basket has filled up.

I feel that now that life has stopped for Gpa, so should some of these mundane things that want attending to.

But mundane things are part of life.  And they want attending to.

I am still making my list of 2 hard things and then something fun.  I really do get more than the 2 done, it’s just that I only require myself to do 2.

Otherwise, I don’t think I’d do anything.

I’m going to allow myself some time to be irritated and then get all the things that want washing, washed.

A Little Self Care

When a loved one dies, the to-do list shifts.  Gpa had created a book shortly after grandmother died(94).  It had all the information in it  that we would need at the time of his demise.

Um the directive wasn’t enough to keep the paramedics from having to perform CPR.  I felt that since he thought it was a DNR, that should have been respected.  But I didn’t argue,  they were just following the rules they have to follow.  Fortunately, Gpa was already gone.  He would have hated being in the hospital hooked up to machines and tubes and such.

Anyway, Wednesday was filled with going to the funeral home and making last arrangements.  Yesterday, a couple of friends wanted to come over so I only scheduled  to make calls in regards to Gpa.

For me, the house is in such a state of ‘do it later’ as I cared for Gpa that the piles waiting for attention are overwhelming.  I told myself I only had to pick 2.

So the computer chair in my room covered with clothes I can’t wear, and the bedside table that is stacked so high, I would knock my glasses or phone to the floor, were what I had to do.

The computer chair was easy, I got a back and wrote ‘Give Away” on it and put the clothes in it.  There were a couple of items that I thought the girls might like so I set those in Gena’s room.  There was also a Land’s End polo the wrong color/size for me.  I’ve set it aside to see if I can return it for something more suitable.

Last night I started to get hungry and wondered why.  I looked at the clock and it was 5pm.  If Gpa had been here, I would have already been in the kitchen cooking.  So I took a break and ate.

This morning, I put the bed linen in  the washer.  I cannot say when they have been changed.  I know I have but it’s been a few months.  They are drying now and I”ll put them back on the bed.

It is strange to just have myself to look after,  and it’s nice to be getting the piles in order.  Today I’m going to clean off the front table that has become a staging area.

And I’ll make a few more phone calls and maybe make the posters for Sunday.

The best however, has been taking time to visit with friends and family and share stories of Gpa.  Laughter has been ringing in the house.


My Daily Bucket List

Even though I have responsibilities to take care of Gpa, it doesn’t have to keep me from having my plans and goals.

Currently the top of my list is a good night’s sleep.  When that doesn’t happen,  a nap is a good second.

His bucket list is complementary to mine.  He wants to go for a ride.  I want to go to the garden or to juggling class.  Great fit.

I also take him to an adult day care so I can get errands and chores done.  I also use that time to go to a Bible Study, paint watercolor pictures uninterrupted, and voice lessons.

We both enjoy our time apart and enjoy each other more when we are reunited.

I don’t feel like I’ve really made that much of a sacrifice.  We are both very blessed.

I don’t like to think about the next stage in dementia, no need to borrow trouble.  We’ll deal with what comes next when it gets here.

and hang out together and have a cup of coffee.

One Thing Leads to Another

Have you ever had one of those days where you planned to do one thing but before you started, something else needed your attention, and then another?

Yesterday, the plan was to clean off the low dresser in my bedroom. It has become a catch-all.  Well, the whole room has become that but I wanted to do something manageable.

I noticed one of the over head light bulbs burnt out.  I decided to change it.  The light cover was dusty.  I took it to the bathroom to clean. There was a pile of papers on the floor and I thought, it won’t take me long to go through this, I’ll do it first.

Oh and I started a load of laundry.  Gpa goes through clothes so fast and he’ll need some for day care tomorrow.  and a load of dishes.

I came across some items that I will give as gifts and that box is in the closet.  While in the closet, I sorted shoes and purses on the floor.

This went on for a while.  I finally got to the dresser and got it done.  Or better organized.  For if you look, there is still some things on it.

Then I rested and looked around the room.  3 boxes to go through.  I haven’t gotten to them because I don’t have a place to put what is in the boxes.

I sat there and pondered, what type of storage would be best for the room?  And I want an end of the bed bench.  Hm maybe I’ll get a storage bench.  I’ll look around and see if there’s one I like.  I want one with drawers instead of lifting a lid.

Later we went to rehearsal at the garden.  It was a beautiful day to do so.  While there, Gena cleaned the dog hair off the floor.  It looked great!  But the vacuum cleaner is still broken.

“How did you do it?”

‘My hands”

Am very thankful for the day.


While He Eats

I’m learning to get things done while Gpa is eating, otherwise, he’ll think he’s hungry and go shopping in the kitchen.

So today at lunch, I did a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.  I started it while I was making lunch and as soon I gave him lunch, I ran to the shower and washed my hair.

Gpa was asking for coffee as I fixed my lunch so I gave him a cup.

and as we sat there, the rubberband on his walker went off.  This is a cautionary story on having loaded weapons in the house.  You just never know where and when they’ll go off.

I do remember that he once approached a hospital with making pea shooters for patients.  You know give them something to do to pass the time.  He would be happy to make them.  This idea, the hospital passed on, however,  they were happy to accept and distribute the wooden cars he made.

I’m do proud of him!