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What About the Taboo?

Last week a post on Facebook got my attention.  I am only reacting to the header.  I did not click on the full story, nor have I validated the truth of the matter.

However, things like this happen and that is what I am addressing. And my reaction.

The header reported a father filmed killing a pedophile that approached his daughter.

My heart went out to all involved.  There are studies that predators where at one time a victim. Where do these people get help?  In the 50’s two brave men got together to discuss their problem that was taboo.  And Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was born.  Many people and generations of lives have been bettered because these two men began to seek to help themselves and others out of a dark time and place.

Because of AA my dad was sober for 19 years when he died.  Other family members, myself included have a better life now because we were able to talk about this taboo topic and seek different choices than we had previously.

The father in the story has now done something that will take him away from his family.  How is he going to care for them as he prepares to defend his actions?  No matter what the outcome of the case, there will be time spent away from his family.

And the daughter. What has this taught her in her most formative years in learning to develop relationships with others?  Children usually take on the blame of what happens around them. Will she blame herself?  And from this self blame, what choices will she make?

As I said, my heart went out to all of them. For we as a society still shy away from the taboo topics of the day.  How does one love the person and not the ‘sin’?

How does one who has committed the ‘sin’ speak up and get forgiveness and help if society says, this is something that is so heinous it cannot be talked about, healed or forgiven?