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Time Travel in Slaughterhouse Five

Time Travel described in Slaughterhouse Five makes me think “memories”  Though memories are better, you can choose when and where to go.  Billy Pilgrim couldn’t control his time travel.

About ten years after my mother died, Gpa gave me a tape cassette recording.  It was a copy of what she had sent him when I was about 3 years old.  Mom and my grandparents would send taped letters to each other.

I popped in the tape on the way to work.  Bad idea.  All of a sudden I hear mom saying, “Laura, Laura.”  She was trying to get my 3 year old self’s attention to talk into the recorder.

I was more interested in the ‘bebe’

Well she got my current self’s attention and I had to stop the tape, or wreck the car.

I never thought I’d hear her voice again.  I have the tape somewhere in the house.  We’ve moved several times and I think, I’ll find it and listen sometime when I’m not in the car.

But I haven’t.

Maybe it’s too precious.