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Doing What I Can

I posted the other day about children at the Texas/Mexico border in dog kennels the other day.  Yesterday, I talked to someone about the children in Chicago and how we don’t take care of them either.

My frustration lies in the fact there is little if anything I can do about it.

Last night I taught juggling at the local library.  I live in Pleasant Grove and if you look it up in the Urban Dictionary, it is one of the worst places to live.

So far Pleasant Grove has been a very good place for me to live.  I’ve met some of the nicest people.  Gpa and I built quite a nice life here.  I’m figuring out how to continue on without him.

Hence the still teaching juggling on Tuesday nights.  There were about 9 kids and 4 adults participating and 6 spectating.

I woke up this morning realizing that though there isn’t much I can do about what I see and hear on the news in other places, I am doing what I can.

You may think that juggling is just a pass time, it is much more than that.  But even if it were just a pass time, here is an hour where kids (and adults) can spend an hour having fun, being care-free, socializing with others and learning something new.

I’m OK with that.  I’ll keep showing up on Tuesdays and throwing things at the library until they kick me out.