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Like The Time Traveler’s Wife

Some days I don’t post.  Its because I’m gathering my thoughts.  Or more specifically, I’m untwinning them from each other.

Then I have to determine what I am going to share.  Is it share worthy?

I have thought I would never see Gpa again in this life.  Oh sure, I’ve got pictures and I’ve friends and family to reminisce with.

But it’s not the same.

Friday, a friend invited me to her house for lunch and video Bible study.  When I got there, her husband was there and the whole family was having a conference.  You do that especially when you have a teen or pre-teen.

I thought about leaving but he invited me in.  While my friend was getting the kids settled, the husband and I got to talking about music and he remembered that he had a clip of our first sing-a-long.

It’s only 45 seconds panning the group as Mark plays the accordion.  And there in the middle was Gpa!  What a nice surprise!

Just like the Time Traveler’s wife, I’ll never know when or what age I will see him again.