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Under The Weather

I was so looking forward to the trip to California.  Last time, I napped a lot because Gpa kept me up all night.

Well, 2 days in and I catch a cold!  And am napping a lot.  Bummer.

And drinking lots of fluids and taking cold meds.  I’m determined to knock this out so I can enjoy the kids.

The girls are supposed to check in on the tomato babies.  I’ve asked for an update, but no reply.


Tomato Babies

During the time that Gpa was sick.  I took a moment to plant some tomato seeds.  I didn’t know that I’d be a couple of weeks early.

I had helped with transplanting seedlings last year so I got three cups filled with dirt, made three rows in each cup and put what I thought was 3-4 in each row.

I must not have because 25 or more plants came up in each cup. So I went to the community garden and divided up 40 of them.  I went to get a couple of clear containers to use as a green house.

I feel like an irresponsible mother.  The number of tomato babies is overwhelming and I want to go see the grandbabies!  I’m going to have to get a babysitter!

They are outside in the sunshine, under the containers.  They seem to be happy.  Exif_JPEG_422