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First Tomatoes

I’ve been working a part time temporary job.  While I’ve been away, one of the tomato plants I put along the fence line has been doing OK.  I thought they had all died so it was a pleasant surprise to see what I found this morning.

These little guys are smaller than a dime.  I can’t wait to eat them.

tiny tomatoes

tiny tomatoes

Not Waiting for Turkey

Thanksgiving day I got up and put the turkey in the oven and cleaned house.

Gpa had his own agenda.

I brought him outside while I gathered tomatoes.  Yes!  I still have some tomatoes.  The ones in my backyard only get 4 hours of sun a day.  So they didn’t produce much this summer, but they did survive the 100+ heat to happily give me an abundance now.

A few weeks ago, I had picked some grass that had gone to seed and had stickers on them.  Mom called them goat’s heads.   I didn’t want to put them in the compost and meant to throw them in the trash.

When I turned around from gathering tomatoes, Gpa was covered in stickers and he had some in his mouth.  He wasn’t even trying to spit them out.  Didn’t they hurt?

So I pulled off his gloves and knocked the ones on his pants off. He was impatient.  He was ready to go back into the house.

I really don’t know what is going on in his brain.  I keep telling him everything is NOT food!

Later, we had a lovely visit with the family which made the chaos of the morning worth it.