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Why is George Zimmerman Still at Large?

We need to change the law.

In 2005, George Zimmerman assaulted an undercover police officer.  Charges were dropped when he entered an anger management program.

In 2012, George Zimmerman shot an killed an unarmed minor, Trayvon Martin . He was acquitted of second degree murder. We take his word that he feared for his life.

In 2013, 2015 and 2016 police were called out for domestic and public disturbances involving Mr. Zimmerman.

In 2014 Mr. Zimmerman was in an altercation with Matthew Apperson who has received a sentence of 20 years in prison for attempted second-degree murder. We take Mr. Zimmerman’s word over Mr. Apperson’s word.

Has Mr. Zimmerman completed the 2005 anger management program? Why were the charges of this early if not first encounter dropped?  Wouldn’t it have been better to tie the completion of the program to probation? At the least, can’t we have Mr. Zimmerman attend anger management classes again?

As long as George Zimmerman is out walking the streets, there will be reports of some kind of violence. When will he be held accountable for his actions? And others like him?



There has been so much happening, so fast.  I haven’t been sure how to process.  I haven’t been sure what to say.

Is this blog becoming political?  I shy away from this.  I don’t want to get into debates on what is right or wrong.  I don’t want to start flames. Though I do have opinions, my main concern is that we Americans keep our ability to choose.

I had two babies without insurance and without government aide.  I am as stubborn as my husband and I told him I would not got to Parkland.  Our first baby was breach and I got a c-section. We did not go to Parkland and we paid for the bill ourselves.  We had to go on the easy payment plan.  That was the 80’s.  I’m not sure that I’d have this option today.  Today, with no insurance, the hospital of my choice may not take me.

That’s too bad.

It appears to me that our Texas Representatives are not hearing what the different sides are saying.  Not representing constituents.   I called my reps office and in the discussion was told neither side wants to give an inch.  I stated that there is a concern that if the bill becomes a law, the clinics will be closed and free health care will no longer be available. Which includes yearly pap smears to detect cancer.

The response is well, we won’t know until it happens.  After I got off the phone, I thought, why are we pushing something that we don’t fully know the repercussions?

That same day, I took my rescue cat to a mobile unit to be fixed.  And because I live in a low income area, it was free.  We take better care of our animals than other people.

And the courts have shown that this type of law will not be upheld.  It is still being pushed through.

A man in Texas killed a woman because of ….. what ever his story was. He got off.  But we’ll never hear her side of the story.  She died.

Trayvon Martin won’t be able to tell his side of the story either.  He’s dead.

No matter what happened and the outcome, many lives will never be the same.  George Zimmerman may or may not wish he had made a different choice.  But he will have to live with the results of what he did.  So will we.

Another Florida man shot up an SUV full of loud teenagers at a gas station.  He felt threatened. In the blink of an eye.  A life is over.  Many other lives will never be the same.


This is what happens when we live in fear, anger, lack.  When we don’t seek to heal the hurts and right the wrongs.

And because there is so much hurt I hesitate to tell you how excited I am on finding the keys to the back gates.

Why I thought putting them in the bedside table drawer was a good idea, I’ll never know.  It isn’t even the last place I would look.  I found them while looking for something else.

I can now easily weed eat the back alley.  Which is close to being a code violation, if it isn’t already.

I can now order that load of dirt so I can expand my garden and fill in the low places.

Then I can set up a hive and get bees.

And all the while, I will pray for the people who are grieving, hurting, and regretting.