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A Couple of Birds

Yesterday was windy at the garden.  There were many harvesters for the amount of food we had to gather.  So I was asked to play.  My favorite part of playing the violin is when I am playing from memory.  I have 5-6 songs in my repertoire.

My sister reminded me that Twinkle, Little Star is also the Alphabet Song and Baa, Baa Black Sheep.  So after I played it once.  I told the ladies that it was Twinkle, Little Star and now I’m going to play Baa, Baa Black Sheep.  That got a laugh.

While I was playing Come Thou Fount, I noticed a Mockingbird came and sat on a post and listened.  I stopped and asked it if it was going to learn the piece as well.  I kinda felt like Katniss in Hunger Games when the Mockingjay learned her tune.  When I stopped playing, it became disinterested and flew off.

One of the gardeners gave me a couple Jewel of Opar plants to take home.  I decided to plant them in the front.  While I was busy, I kept hearing a baby bird cheeping.  I thought maybe I had a nest in the eaves.  So I maneuvered a patio chair and prepare to stand on it.

Then I saw the bird on one of my pots.  The momma bird, a Cardinal flew up and watched me closely.  The baby then flew to the wall.  The picture is below.  Then it flew into the tree.

The momma and the poppa kept a Mockingbird away.  I watched for a while, but I had work to do so I went back into the house.

The nest is in the creepy neighbor’s rose bush.  I think the baby made it back to the bush for when I left to juggle, creepy neighbor and his kid were peering into the rose bush.

I hope they leave the birds alone.  These are the first Cardinals I’ve seen in the neighborhood since I moved here.

Baby Cardinal

Baby Cardinal




The Sparkle in His Eyes

Gpa has been chewing on his finger. I got worried about his teeth. I took him to a dentist around the corner.  They couldn’t get an x-ray and recommended an oral surgeon.

Gpa charmed everyone at the oral surgeon.  I expect nothing less.  He has that certain something.  The nurse got him a blanket and then offered to take him outside to get warm while I settled up.

“There he goes off with another woman. ” and everyone laughed.  But I was serious.

He gets girlfriends where ever he goes.

Afterwards we picked Gena up from work and went to the mall.  Gena wanted to check out a sale.  I got Gpa a cookie and coffee.  Mostly because he likes it but also to celebrate great report.  He waved at the babies around him.

As we left, we got on the elevator with what looked like a mom, dad and little girl.  I’d say she was somewhere around 3-5.  Gpa waved when she turned to look at him.  I said something about another girlfriend.

The doors opened, the family got out and then we got out.  The parents were headed away but the little girl stood between us trying to decide who to go with.  You could see it in her eyes.  I waved so she’d know to go with her parents.

Boy that could have gotten us in trouble!