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The Guitar, the Violin, or the Ukulele

I committed to playing music at the plant sale this past Saturday.  I’ve been practicing the violin, neglecting the uke and the guitar.  So when I went to load up the car, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to take.  Mark said he’d come play his accordion at lunch.  So that meant taking the uke or guitar.  I wanted to take the violin but I’ve been having trouble tuning the E string.  I can’t turn the knob.

As I stood there, I thought, if I don’t make a decision, I’ll be here all day. Load up all of them and decide there.  I am so glad I did.  I ended up playing all three instruments.  A fellow gardener brought his grandchildren,  5 and 7, and I let them try the uke and violin.  The guitar had not made it out of the car yet.

It was fun watching them be so serious as they explored making sounds with the instruments.

I got the guitar out when Mark showed up. Even though we hadn’t played the camp songs in a long while, our rusty fingers soon found the notes right enough for all to have a good time.

Sometimes the choice is all of the above!

Heart Strings

I found an opportunity to play for a local nursing home.  I did it on Friday.  It was awesome.  I played for their dinner hour and the feedback was great.

Two song requests that I couldn’t perform,  Danny Boy and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.   I’m not sure how Danny Boy will sound on the ukulele but I have the sheet music for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I just didn’t have it with me.  

I’ll get it together for next week.

I slept very well that night.

This morning, I moved things around and got a part of the big bedroom set up as a music room.  I played the keyboard a little bit and then the guitar.  And just a bit ago, I played a new song on the violin as well as the other ones I am practicing.  

So glad I set up the room.  Exif_JPEG_422

Music Language

When I was younger, my mother bought a piano and my sister and I had lessons.  She told us that we would be glad later that we had the training.  She said this when we complained about having to practice our lessons.  She is right.  I am glad I know how to read music and play the piano.

When the kids were little, I learned to play the guitar.  I play mostly by chords or if there is tab notation.  I know that I could learn the individual notes but I haven’t taken the time.  I wanted to get to playing.

Last year I got a Ukulele and I learned it like I did the Guitar.  I have learned some picking patterns and tried out a claw hammer style strum.

Now I have a violin.  It is quickly becoming my favorite instrument.  (Don’t tell the others)

I have discovered something very interesting.  Since I am learning to play by reading the notes, I am having to map where the note is on the piano before I can get the right finger to the right string.

It feels like piano is my first language and I’m learning violin as my second language.


First Dill Pickle and Music Makes Us Dance

I have so many cucumbers I thought I’d try a batch of dill pickles after I got the School Girl batch started.

Dill pickles only take a few days.  School Girls take three weeks.

We sliced up the first dill pickle and put it on our sandwiches at the garden.  With fresh tomatoes! YUM!

I took the Guitar and Ukulele, and played gospel music during the harvest.  At one point a woman pointed out that Gpa was responding to the music. I missed it because I stopped playing as I  looked up.  Darn.

I don’t know if he has ever heard that song but it is one of my favorites so I’ll be playing it more often.

What better way to spend the day than hanging out on the pavillion jamming while Gpa dances?

first dill pickle

first dill pickle