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Vitamin D

At first I was trying to give Gpa a mutli-vitamin for men.  Those things are huge!

I have to crush his pills and the vitamin made for a several bite concoction.  He’d spit it out, on the floor, in his bib, in his coffee, anything to keep from swallowing it.

So I stopped giving him his multi-vitamin. He does get a diabetic protein drink two times a day so he gets nutrition.

But the way I’m making sure he gets his Vitamin D, is to take him outdoors.  Somedays, it is just on the porch and when we had 100+ temperatures, for only 5 minutes.

He gets lots of sun when we go for a ride, that means lots of vitamin D as well.  I’m getting the vitamin D I need too.

It’s Texas Fair time and I’m trying to decide if we are going to go this year.