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Safer and More Dangerous

We have Gpa in a wheel chair full time now.  This is because is was loosing his balance and falling.  He still has an ugly bruise.  It starts on his head under his cap.  It has spread down his face and around his eye.

I have stopped giving him his baby aspirin.

My sister says orange juice helps the bruising.  I plan to get some the next time I am at the store.  If I remember. Hope he will drink it if I do.

He moves around faster in the house now.  He has gotten into more things.  I have had to move things to the garage.  He has torn up his arm because he doesn’t remember to put his elbows in when he goes into the bathroom by himself.

He moves backwards fast too, he pushes off with his feet.  The part of the wheel chair that is supposed to keep him from tumping over, has hooked onto chairs and other items and he drags them.

He is tearing up the house!

He is tearing up himself!

I have taken the door off the bathroom.  He’s the only one who uses it.  I will when no one is around so it’s ok not to have a door and he has more room even if he doesn’t pull his elbows in.

However, when I am in the bathroom helping him, I am very aware of things that can go wrong.  I get very nervous as I reach down to lock the wheels.  I can see the potential of getting hung up if he decides to help and pushes off backwards.

There is a dicey point when he is standing up or sitting down, the wheel chair is in between us.  if he goes over the wrong way, he’ll end up in the tub.  If he goes over the other way, we’ll both go over and tangle up in the chair.

I try not to deal on all the ways it can go wrong and concentrate on making go right.

The other place that we’ll have to be careful is when we are getting to and from the car.  The drive is at a slight slant.  Enough of a slant that the chair can pick up some speed.

I won’t be able to load the car up while he makes his way to it.  I’ll have to load him up, then get the car loaded.  Otherwise, he’ll be in danger of rolling out into the street.

I hate  that there are pros and cons to everything!