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The Love of a Grandchild

My grandson called yesterday and left a message asking if I was OK.

I thought that was strange as he’s 5.  Why would he want to know if I were OK?  Usually he’s telling me about school or playing on dad’s computer.

I called and left a message.

When he called me back, he said something about the fire being far far away from me.  “Yes, I assured him the fire was far, far away from me.”  He knows I live in Texas and must have heard about the explosion in West/Waco, Texas.

I don’t think we give kids enough credit.  They are smart and absorb everything around them.  Their understanding may be a bit off, but by keeping communication open, misunderstandings can be cleared up quickly.

And even at the tender age of 5, they are aware and worry about loved ones.

It does my heart good to know that the love I received from Gpa, I can pass on and share with my children and their children.