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Whatever He Wants

Everybody tells me, “Get him whatever he wants.”

Um, within reason.  I will not allow him to keep the sponge in his mouth.

I like that he called the grapes ‘little balls’  He got some.

In the last few months he has asked for whiskey.  I’ve never really seen him drink.  So it took him requesting whiskey more than once to take him serious.

The last time he requested it, I had just given him a cup of coffee, so I thought maybe he used to drink it in his coffee.

I got him some and put one spoonful in.  After one sip, he spit it out.  I don’t know if I messed up his coffee or his whiskey.  He couldn’t say.  The picture is what coffee with whiskey on the floor looks like.

coffee and whiskey spit art

coffee and whiskey spit art