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Where are the Men?

Lately I’ve been asking where are the men when I spend time at the garden. Especially for the heavy lifting projects.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of men with plots and those plots are immaculate, they even have wood chips in the path way inches thick and it feels like a cloud when walked upon.  Can I just stand here and enjoy the moment?

Puts my overgrown spot to shame.  (Good thing I’m way in the back) They are probably asking where I am and when I’m going to get the tall grass pulled and the fall crop planted.  But I’ve been spending my community garden time in the Plots Against Hunger area for the food pantry.  I’m thinking I’ll plant a cover crop this season.

I also know that I’m not at the garden 24/7 so I don’t know the whole story of what is happening at the garden.

Then I realized, traditionally, women tend the garden and men hunt Wooly Mammoths.  So if that is where the men are, then I’m OK.

And if they are hunting Wooly Mamoth, I hope they bring some to the next pot luck.